Time-Lapse: Park Blocks West.

Since December, 2013, I've had a camera continuously taking pictures of the progression of the new Park Blocks West skyscraper, currently under construction in downtown Portland, Oregon. There are still a lot of photos to be taken and even more editing to be done, but here's a teaser!

The hardware being used for this project includes a Canon 40D with a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens, a tripod with a custom made lens skirt, and a laptop. The laptop is running the EOS software that came with the camera, however I have written a script in AutoHotkey that intelligently takes photos based on the time of day since no work gets done after dark.

Photography: See what I see.

Photography is all about perspective. When you look at a photo that someone else has created, it shares a lot about how that person views the world, whether it be the subject, the composition, the color, the focus, or the actual perspective of the piece itself. Engaging in one of my photographs is stepping into a moment of my life and experiencing it for what I saw.

A recurring theme in much of my photographic work is the concept of time. It continuously intrigues me and requires me to view the world through different lenses. From Long exposures to time-lapses, motion blur to gutters in a comic, time is ever present.

Solargraph Portraiture Astronomy Event Nature Architecture Spinning Heads Painter

About Scott: The Developer. The Photographer. The Legend.

Well, legend is probably pushing it, but I’m certainly a developer and photographer. As a local to Portland, Oregon, much of my inspiration comes from the outdoors, and anything I can do to mesh the natural world and the ditigal one is of interest to me.

Contact: Talk to you soon.

Email: scott.nikiel@gmail.com